Ibo victim of food bandit In the gorilla enclosure, Ibo the mountain gorilla was leaning against a fake boulder peacefully chewing his salad greens. From the corner of one eye he saw someone move on the other side of the enclosure’s thick window and turned to look. Just then, baby KoKo turned up, grabbed Ibo’s lunch and boogied away. “Oh, well…” thought Ibo, “Dreaming is easier than chewing anyway.” No charges were laid. Baboon bullying a serious threat Teen baboons Earl and Zeke were on a high perch, learning to groom one another. With careful fingers, Earl picked fleas out of Zeke’s fur and ate them. They changed places and Zeke harvested Earl’s fleas for a while. Suddenly Earl saw a much bigger baboon heading toward them. With a shriek, he elbowed Zeke. They jumped off their perch and high-tailed it out of sight, shrieking all the way. Bullying like that is bad news for the future of higher education. Fufu big winner in Saturday’s playoff Eleven spider monkeys played a killer game of tag last Saturday. They chased each other from perch to perch. Then they swung from the treetops, higher and higher, faster and faster. Then they dashed about snatching at each other’s tails, until… Fufu grabbed Meemo’s tail and yelled a triumphant “Gotcha!” This was Fufu’s third win in a row, giving her the all-time record.