Three Weather Haiku Winifred Scott Wood, Vice Principal Emerita of the Victoria (B.C.) Conservatory of Music, asked me to write something for Grade 5 & 6 piano students. Although my piano studies were not graded in the Canadian manner, I tried to think back on those early days and what I would have enjoyed learning. I decided to write a little poem to introduce each piece, and the result is my three haiku. “Pond Under Rain Shower” is about the gradual increase in raindrops falling on a quiet pond during a summer shower. “Storm Coming” is about the wide, dark night sky being threatened by distant thunder, then briefly lit up by “sheet lightening”; of course, sheet lightening is rarely followed by a thunderstorm like this one! In “Devil’s Rain,” heavy raindrops (Piano 1) bounce off city pavement while the sun shines brightly (Piano 2).