THE LIFE OF JOHN BOYDEN John Boyden was a native of Stratford, Ontario who became an internationally famous lieder singer. In his illustrious career he went from being a member of a local church boy choir to a prize-winning master singer who performed in the music capitals of the world. Although he was afflicted with a fatal disease, he courageously chose to sing as long as he could. « But he lived long enough to assist Robin Philips’ Stratford Choir, helping from a wheelchair and moving the audience to tears. He died shortly after. » (Tom Patterson. First Stage.) It is this courage and talent that « Voice Of An Angel » celebrates. PRODUCTION NOTES « Voice Of An Angel » is a modern chamber opera celebrating the life and talent of Stratford’s world-famous lieder singer, John Boyden. It is written as a song cycle in one continuous movement. it should be stressed that « Voice Of An Angel » is not a biographical documentary but was poetically inspired by John’s Life. John Boyden’s life is described by Tom Patterson in his book, « First Stage. » However it should be noted that each one of the linked songs refers to an actual event in John Boyden’s life. Before each song there is a brief description of the event to which the song refers. (Notes by librettist, Charles Mountford)