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« ST. JOHN’S, N.L. — It may seem odd to take music from around the time of early North American colonization and put Indigenous words to it, but for Andrew Balfour it’s an act of reconciliation, personally as well as artistically.

“My great love is music from the Renaissance,” Balfour said in an interview Friday morning, March 10.

Balfour is Cree, but grew up in a white household under the assimilation policies of 1960s Manitoba.

“I was a ‘60s scooper, so I was taken away from my blood when I was about six months old, so I’ve spent most of my life trying to reconnect with my Indigenous roots and language and culture and medicine,” he said. “And I do that through music, so it’s been a very healing and therapeutic journey.”

He lost his culture, but says he was more fortunate than most… »