Dancing With Love artfully showcases a spectrum of 12 unique shades of love, ranging from the earthy and grounded to the divine and transcendent. Each track weaves together a distinct musical style with the poetry of Eastern Mystic Masters, including two inspiring female spiritual leaders. Over the past few years, Dr. Afarin Mansouri has composed an outstanding collection of arias and duets for her various operas while drawing inspiration from these literary poetic works. This album is the result of a successful collaboration between esteemed Iranian-Canadian artists, including Mansouri (compositions and lead vocals), Milad Bagheri (tenor), Padideh AhrarJejad (Tar) and Ali Masoudi (Percussion) with Thin Edge New Music Collective – one of Canada’s foremost ensembles, presenting new music. The album has been made possible through the kind support of the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council, as well as the production work of Cultureland.


1. Love is the Soul (3:41)
2. Hidden Existence (6:23)
3. Astonishment (4:30)
4. Omnipresent (4:13)
5. Unattainable (4:38)
6. Endless Sea (6:48)
7. Dancing with Love (2:40)
8. Pain (Sorrow) (4:20)
9. Hope (4:12)
10. Severance (6:09)
11. Alchemy (3:54)
12. A Lament for Love (3:23)