This piece is about finding commonalities; finding the place where disparate views share common ground. There is the idea of meeting in a physical space as well as a cerebral space. At a time when societies face increasing polarization; cultures are trying to find ways to move forward together; some people are not even sharing the same reality as those around them, finding things in common becomes so much more important. Performing chamber music is a meeting place for musicians, they have to interact, be attuned to each other, be willing to share ideas as well as space, both sonic and physical. The piece begins with the guitar playing a rhythmic, somewhat unpredictable and restless theme, followed by the flute playing a contrasting section of slow, thoughtful phrases. As the piece progresses, a conversation begins, with the overlapping phrases often meeting on the same note. Each instrument shares the ideas of the other and, in the end, they are playing completely together.