• Twin Souls is a collection of electroacoustic compositions by Barry Truax that incorporate texts which deal with various gender issues.
  • Soundscape Studies is a field that was born in Vancouver through the World Soundscape Project under the direction of R. Murray Schafer in the early seventies.
  • The disc is framed by two works (East Wind and Pacific) that refer to the environment and cultures of the Pacific region, but all of the pieces are influenced by a growing awareness of the interplay between Eastern and Western ideas, just as the world increasingly looks to the Pacific Rim as the new centre of economic activity.
  • Islands

    Islands metaphorically refers to islands of place, event, and community. Many places drift in and out of consciousness over the sixty-three minutes of the CD.
  • Barry Truax’s Digital Soundscapes is a collection of five pieces that integrate computer and electroacoustic music.
  • The CD is based on the celebrated Song of Solomon text from the Old Testament whose lyrical and sensual imagery is portrayed in a cycle of four movements subtitled Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night & Daybreak.
  • Imprints

    Imprints represents a twenty-five year retrospective of the work of Canadian composer Colin Mack.
  • This CD contains works by composers, Joseph Canteloube (1879-1957), Walter Rein (1893-1955) and Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)
  • Laughton & Humphreys is one of Canada's most exciting ensembles, winning critical and public acclaim for their versatility in performing music of Bach and Handel alongside contemporary works. All of the music on this recording was written or arranged for Laughton & Humphreys, and celebrates Canada's cultural heritage and natural beauty.
  • The Hannaford Street Silver Band is Toronto’s award-winning professional brass band and Resident Company of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.


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