“The second annual Toronto festival features pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn, kulintang-pop group Pantayo, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan’s Alaska B, members of Bernice and more

WOMEN FROM SPACE FESTIVAL featuring PANTAYO, ALASKA B, SUSAN ALCORN, OLIVIA SHORTT and others at Burdock (1184 Bloor West) and 918 Bathurst, Thursday-Sunday (March 5-8). $32-$35 festival pass, $12-$15 per show. Women From Space

In 2018, saxophonist Kayla Milmine curated a series at the Tranzac Club that featured women and women-led acts in the avant-garde, jazz and improvisation scenes. She called the series Women From Space, a reference to how the music sat outside the box of mainstream art.

“[It was] a place for us to experiment,” Milmine says. “Women from space, space for women.”

Last year, Milmine and saxophonist, improvisor and visual artist Bea Labikova wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day and decided to turn Women From Space into a four-day festival showcasing Toronto-area experimental artists…”


Author, Laura Stanley