Vox Terra is the brainchild of Canadian clarinetist Cris Inguanti, who wished to explore the kaleidoscopic variety of some of the most recent works for his instrument. The programme is cosmopolitan, and the musical styles almost dizzying in their diversity: from the groove-driven multitracking of Lowenstern’s Ten Children #3, to the austere flight-inspired arcs of Joan Tower’s Wings, to the folk-infused melodies of Peter Sculthorpe’s Songs of Sea and Sky. The works of Canadian composers feature prominently on this album, including the playful, neo-classical Arts and Letters by Juno-nominated David Occhipinti; Three Island Duos by Michael Tenzer, a testament to the composer’s passion for non-western musical cultures (both real and imagined); and Triple Witching for clarinet, cello and piano by Jeffrey Ryan — a pulsing, virtuosic reflection of the evils of monetary greed. This CD was made possible by generous funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.


Michael Lowenstern, Derek Bermel, Jeffrey Ryan, Joan Tower, Peter Sculthorpe, Michael Tenzer, David Occhipinti, Nicola Resanovic


Cris Inguanti, Michael Lowenstein, Corey Hamm, Joseph Elworthy, Marie-Julie Chagnon, David Occhipinti, Maria Zachariadou, Chris Jennings

Michael Lowenstern

1. Ten Children, #3

Derek Bermel

2 – 3. Schizm

Jeffrey Ryan

4. Triple Witching

Joan Tower

5. Wings

Peter Sculthorpe

6. Songs of Sea and Sky

Michael Tenzer

7 – 9. Three Island Duos

David Occhipinti

10 – 12. Arts and Letters

Nicola Resanovic

13. Alt.Music.Ballistix