Guitarist/composer David Occhipinti combines elements of contemporary chamber music with improvisation on his fifth CD, Camera (2012). The recording features David’s compositions and guitar playing, with a unique ensemble, consisting of guitar with: clarinet, bassoon, marimba, violin, viola, cello, and bass. The recording also includes a suite for guitar and string quartet.

“David Occhipinti has created an absolute gem [Camera]. His writing is unique, his playing is completely original and stunning. I just wanted to keep listening… His music is an absolute work of art!” Jim Hall, legendary jazz guitarist and composer

“David Occhipinti is a masterful guitarist, possessed of some of the fluid lyricism and harmonic subtlety of his former teacher Jim Hall, but he’s also serious about composition, as fascinated by the possibilities of chamber music as he is by improvisation. Camera presents two long suites by two different ensembles and two stand-alone pieces, engaging multi-hued pieces that mix and match methods in the same spirit as Frank Zappa’s serious music, like The Perfect Stranger.” Stuart Broomer, WholeNote magazine

Guitarist/composer David Occhipinti has earned much acclaim in the Canadian jazz world. On this, his fifth album as a bandleader, he explores his classical side, with enchanting results. Horns and strings add atmosphere, and such notable players as Andrew Downing and David Hetherington keep the performance standards very high. The evocative opening track, “Nimbus”, and the gently dramatic “Spark” are amongst the highlights of a successfully adventurous effort.” Kerry Doole,


Banff Suite for guitar, clarinet, bassoon, marimba, violin, viola, cello, bass)

01. Nimbus (3:05)
02. Morning Rundle (6:34)
03. Bourgeau (4:22)
04. Summit (2:01)
05. Cirrus (3:33)

06. Fortuna Major (5:13)

Metamorphosuite (for guitar and string quartet)

07. Spark (3:05)
08. Interlude #1 (3:16)
09. Gypsy Viola (3:22)
10. Ricordo (3:34)
11. Transition (2:17)
12. Interlude #2 (1:28)
13. Chrysalis (7:58)

14. Geometric Farms (8:34)