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Shipping and Returns


North America

For North American customers: our orders are typically sent by regular mail, however, we can also ship by ground or overnight courier upon request.

Please note you’ll be responsible for any shipping costs.


For international customers: various shipping options are available depending on your destination country.

Please note you’ll be responsible for any shipping costs.


Within Canada, return postage is free of charge. Be sure to use the postage-paid label included with package.

  • Music should be returned by the due date or the last business day before the due date.
  • Music is not regarded as returned until it has arrived at a CMC Centre.
  • You are responsible for the replacement costs of lost or damaged music. Music that has been marked with pencil or other writing is regarded as damaged.

Ensuring the safe return of our materials is your responsibility – we have the right to charge replacement costs for lost or damaged scores.