“Spring is Juno time, the annual awards for Canadian-made recordings.

Although classical music is frankly a poor relation in the Juno scheme of things, recognition of what’s going on in Canada’s classical recording scene is a potent indication of the types of projects that gain national attention, and funding.

Two nominees from B.C. are in the running this time around — well, four, if you consider that celebrated composer Alexina Louie and piano virtuoso Jon Kimura Parker are Vancouver products. Interestingly, both of our resident B.C. contenders represent the edgier aspects of the classical spectrum.

Given the plethora of West Coast composers, it’s predictable that one or more will be up for the classical composition of the year award. Steven Chatman, Owen Underhill, Rodney Sharman, Jeffery Ryan, Jordan Nobles, and Jocelyn Morlock have all been nominated in past years…”