Library Policies

Loan Requests


Loans are made available for 2 months within Canada and abroad. You may borrow up to 10 scores at one time for 2 months. You may renew a score twice, up to a total of 6 months. Our library scores are not for sale and are for perusal and study purposes only. However, if you’re performing a work or require the parts for performance please purchase a copy here. If you need to make marks inside a score, please purchase a new copy to prevent the deterioration of our loaning copies. Loans are free to anyone within Canada (we’ll even cover the postage to return our materials).


Those living outside of Canada may borrow scores for 2 months with a chance to renew twice for a total of 6 months. To renew a loan, please call or email the CMC before the due date. While our loaning service is free, we require all international borrowers to call in their credit card information before their loan is processed. Replacement costs for the full amount of items borrowed will be charged if the items are not returned. For your security, credit card numbers can only be received by telephone.

Outside of Canada, the borrower is responsible for the cost of postage. Due to high international mailing costs, purchasing copies is often just as economical as borrowing. Our library scores aren’t for sale. However, if you’re performing a work or wish to purchase a commercial copy, you can do so here.

If you need to make marks inside a score, please purchase a new copy to prevent the deterioration of our loaning copies. If you’re from the United States: Please do not use a courier service to return music as it incurs extra costs at the Canadian border. We won’t pay for any charges to have music returned or for packages delivered with postage fees due. In these cases, the package will be returned to you.

Overdue Items

We do not fine for overdue items. However, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who has not returned their loans to the library by the due date.  The CMC reserves the right to refuse any future loan requests until your account has been cleared. For lost or damaged scores, there is a minimum replacement fee of $15.00 per item. 


Loans are renewable at any time up to a maximum of three loan periods. If you need an extension, it must be made at least 5 business days before the original due date. Please contact any CMC office to extend a loan.

If another patron requests a score during your renewal period, we reserve the right to recall it. We also reserve the right to refuse an extension request made if the original loan is overdue.

Other Matters

CMC does not circulate recordings. You can listen to commercial recordings at the CMC and archival recordings are made available online through CentreStreams.

Works with 10 or more instrumental parts are available on a rental basis only. However, the score for a rental work is available for loan from the library for perusal purposes.

Published works by CMC Associate Composers are available for circulation when a publisher donates copies to the CMC.


North America

For North American customers: our orders are typically sent by regular mail, however, we can also ship by ground or overnight courier upon request.

Please note you’ll be responsible for any shipping costs.


For international customers: various shipping options are available depending on your destination country.

Please note you’ll be responsible for any shipping costs.


Within Canada, return postage is free of charge. Be sure to use the postage-paid label included with package.

  • Music should be returned by the due date or the last business day before the due date.
  • Music is not regarded as returned until it has arrived at a CMC Centre.
  • You are responsible for the replacement costs of lost or damaged music. Music that has been marked with pencil or other writing is regarded as damaged.

Ensuring the safe return of our materials is your responsibility – we have the right to charge a minimum $15 replacement cost for lost or damaged scores.