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The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) Canadian Section is pleased to announce the six works comprising our submission to the 2023 World New Music Days in Johannesburg/Cape Town, South Africa. The festival will take place from November 24-December 3, 2023.

The selected works are:

Simulacra (2020) for orchestra, by Amy Brandon

the bells (2022) for solo piano and electronics, by Cris Derksen

hacia una góndola negra/frios reflejos de bronce (2019) for chamber ensemble, by Nathan Friedman

Déambulations (2021) for piano trio and electronics, by Kevin Gironnay

They do not shimmer like the dry grasses on the hills, or the leaves on the trees (2018) for orchestra, by Emilie Cecilia Lebel

after Xin Qiji III (2021) for string quartet, by Haotian Yu

Selected from a record eighty submissions, these works span five out of the sixteen categories laid out by this year’s festival organizers. The pieces were chosen by a jury composed of Ryan Scott, Anthony Tan, and Laurence Jobidon. The jury was chaired by Bekah Simms, Vice-President of the ISCM Canadian Section, facilitated by Rodney Sharman, President of the Canadian Section, and August Murphy-King, General Manager of the Canadian League of Composers.

“The ISCM Canadian Section is extremely proud to share our selections for submission to the 2023 World New Music Days. The jury was truly spoilt for choice and wanted to convey that the overall quality of work was very high. The pieces reflect the diversity of musical approaches in Canada and Canadians working abroad, at least one of which will be heard on the world stage in South Africa. Congratulations to the selected composers!”

– Bekah Simms, Vice-President of the ISCM Canadian Section