The song cycle Crazy, explores the border territory around the edge of beauty. At times, the music references composers who have written incredible music. while dealing with a range of issues that fall outside the bell curve that most would associate with « normal. » Obsession, dominance, lust and pain are the themes that cycle through the five movements, with hints of Monteverdi, Gesualdo, Schumann, Berlioz, Tarrega, and Grainger providing reference points along the way.

Composer: T. Patrick Carrabré


Naomi Forman – voice, harmonica, bass guitar, whistling
Mary Jo Carrabré – piano
T. Patrick Carrabré – electronics, glockenspiel, frame drum

Track Listing:


1. Death (6:24)
2. Murder (4:58)
3. Lust (4:17)
4. Burnt (4:07)
5. Pain (5:00)

6. The Garden (3:05)

7. Pain (Audiation Remix) (3:40)