TRANSFORMATION presents three interactive piano + multimedia works written in collaboration with Megumi Masaki that reimagine the piano and pianist’s artistic expression through new technologies, and transform the listener’s concert to an immersive, theatrical, and cinematic experience. These works explore new models of interaction between sound, image, text and movement to augment the piano and its surrounding space as a visual as well as musical instrument. This album also includes a documentary film about the inspiration and collaborative journey between Megumi Masaki, T. Patrick Carrabré, Keith Hamel and Bob Pritchard. TRANSFORMATION hopes to engage a wide audience in impactful and transformational experiences that motivate dialogue and action.

Megumi Masaki is a pianist, multimedia performing artist, educator and curator. She is recognized as an innovator that reimagines the piano, pianist and performance space. Her work pushes boundaries of interactivity between sound, image, text and movement in multimedia works through new technologies, including hand-gesture-motion tracking to generate and control live-electronics and live-video, AI, 3D visuals, keyboard-controlled computer game, e-textile sensors and infra-red tracking. Megumi is featured at major festivals and venues across North America, Europe and Asia. Over 70 original piano+multimedia works have been created for / together with Megumi, and she has premiered over 150 works worldwide. Megumi is a Professor of piano and director of the New Music Festival and Ensemble at Brandon University. She is also the Artistic Director of the Eckhardt-Gramatté National Music Competition and on faculty at the Casalmaggiore International Festival Italy, Chetham’s International Summer School Manchester UK, Musiktage am Rhein Germany and the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Megumi has been appointed to the Order of Manitoba.

ORPHEUS (1) 16:35
T. Patrick Carrabré (Composer / Compositeur, live electronics/ électronique en direct)
Margaret Atwood (Poetry / Poésie)
Megumi Masaki (piano, toy piano, synthesizer, voice / piano, piano jouet, synthétiseur, voix)

Keith Hamel (Composer / Compositeur, Software designer / Concepteur de logiciels / live
computer operator / opérateur informatique en direct)
Megumi Masaki (piano, live video game player / piano, joueur de jeux video en direct)

DŌSHITE? どうして? 19:56
Bob Pritchard (Composer / Compositeur, Sleeve-Hand-Responsive-User-Garment
(SHRUG) designer / Manche-Main-Réactif-User-Vêtement / live computer operator /
opérateur informatique en direct)
Megumi Masaki (piano, voice, movement / piano, voix, movement)

Megumi Masaki
T. Patrick Carrabré
Keith Hamel
Bob Pritchard