Luc Marcel created a sensation with his music for the spectacular theatre-piece Wind for saxophone quartet, modern dance ensemble and a gigantic inflatable plastic rectangular bubble the size of the entire platform that is danced-on to start, danced-in (with the dancers holding flashlights) for the middle part and danced-under for the closing sections. The theme of Wind and the motion of air gave rise to the choice of the saxophone quartet. The saxophones with their built-in megaphones to amplify soft vocal sounds translate the concept of wind and air from the choreographer through the vibrating columns of air which distinguish the saxophones from all other instruments.

1.Eolian Sculpture / Sculpture Eolienne

2.The Inflatable Cube / Le cube

3.Big-band Ballroom / Salle de bal avec un big-band


5.Movement of an Object / Mouvement d’un objet

6.Carousel / Carrousel

7.Warm Breath / Souffle chaud

8.Dragon Cloud / Le nuage du dragon


10.Solar Wind / Vents solaires