André Cormier, composer
Markus Kreul, piano

Moncton-based composer André Cormier is one of Canada’s truly unique musical voices. One of the final protégés of the great James Tenney, Cormier’s music highlights aspects of frailty and imperfection – to this end, his work explores issues of timbre and silence to a degree that few of his contemporaries can match. His 70+ minute work for solo piano, Zwischen den Wolken (« Between the Clouds ») was commissioned by German pianist Markus Kreul in 2013. Praised by the press for « highly poetic » performances that « awaken memories of Svjatoslav Richter », Kreul presents this music with immense sensitivity and nuance, bringing to life Cormier’s performance instruction, « pensez au nuages, toujours » (« always thinking of clouds »). The accompanying CD booklet is a work of art in itself, featuring a copy of the musical score as well as commissioned writings by Herménégilde Chiasson (in French), Robert Everett-Green (in English), and Armin Strohmeyr (in German).

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1.) André Cormier: Zwischen den Wolken (73:39)
Zwischen den Wolken track listing:

Music / Musique: André Cormier
Performers / Musiciens: Markus Kreul
Producer / Réalisatieur: André Cormier et Markus Kreul
Sound Engineer / Prise de son: Léandre Bourgeois
Digital Editing / Montage numérique: Léandre Bourgeois
Mastering / Matriçage: Léandre Bourgeois
Recorded at / Enregistré à: Salle Neil Michaud, Université de Moncton, Moncton, N.-B. May 6-7, 2014
Photography / Photographie: Rick Sacks
Graphic Design / Conception Graphique: André Cormier et Mark Young from
Translation / Traduction: Andre? Cormier and Markus Kreul
with texts by / avec textes par: Herménégilde Chiasson, Robert Evertt-Green, Armin Strohmeyr