This new release from RJM WaveArt, the label owned and run by Robert J Morin, is the extended electroacoustic composition On and Within.

About the composer:
Born in Canada, Morin studied classical and jazz guitar, as well as composition and theory at the Alberta College Conservatory of Music in Edmonton, Alberta,  Canada. He went on to study composition at both Grant MacEwan College and the University of Alberta. Later, he pursued graduate studies in law and economics  at, respectively, Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and the University of Toronto. Morin’s vocal and instrumental works have been performed by a number of leading soloists and ensembles in Canada and Europe and his electroacoustic work has garnered attention internationally. His music is available  on Centrediscs, CLEF Records, PGMaudio, and WaveArt. Robert is an Associate composer of the Canadian Music Centre de Musique Canadienne. Presently, he resides in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

About the work:
On and Within follows an emergent process. The tonal soundscape and constellations of sounds, with their principal rhythms and timbres, evolve slowly, creating  an unmistakable atmosphere of meditative, introverted intensity that Morin is known for from his previous works. From within the simplicity of the individual elements on which the composition is based there emerges a coherent musical whole, imbued with a richness, intricacy and beauty that is greater than the sum of its parts.