CBC records is proud to release OVATION: VOLUME 3, the next set of the multi-volume project documenting the emergence of a generation of pioneering professional composers that have established Canada’s place on the world’s musical map. This distinctly Canadian music is of the highest order but has not had the audiences nor the attention it deserves.

Each disk in this and subsequent 5 CD sets, is dedicated to a single composer; each collects in one convenient place that composer’s most accessible and representative works.

CD 1


1. Fleuves

2. L’arbre de Borobudur

3. Les Pierres Crieront

CD 2


1. Quartet No.1

2. Bonhomme! Bonhomme!

3. Violin Concerto

4. Piano Sonata No.3

5. Partita for Strings on Lutheran Chorales

CD 3


1. Tre Pezzi Brevi

2. Rasas I

3. Elegy and Two Went to Sleep

4. Piece for Bob

5. The Living Flame of Love

6. Improvvisazioni Concertini No.2

7. Evocations: Images of Canada

CD 4


1. For Starters

2. Circle with Tangents

3. Round and Round

4. A Concert of Myths

CD 5


1. Studies in Line

2. Three Duets after Pictures by Paul Klee

3. Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano

4. Ephemera

5. Trance

6. Tellus