PGMaudio – the label started, owned and run by Canadian composer, laptop performer and sound engineer Piotr Grella-Mozejko – is proud to announce Ronald Hannah’s first monographic recording whose program centers on chamber and solo works by this distinguished Canadian composer. The album comprises a collection of titles representing various sources of inspiration, techniques, and styles.

Canada’s Penderecki String Quartet is featured on this recording, playing Hannah’s String Quartet. Other works include his second Piano Trio; a dramatic piano Ballade; duets for piano with flute, with violin, with cello; a work for flute and guitar; and one for saxophone and marimba.

The works span nearly half a century of output and are in a modern, thoroughly accessible style, performed by the superb Canadian and Austrian players listed below.

The players are Christopher Devine, Sylvia Shadick-Taylor, Mikolaj Warszynski and Eve Egoyan piano; Wolfgang David, Jerzy Kaplanek, and Jeremy Bell, violin; Tobias Stosiek, Paul Pulford, and Margaret Gay, cello; Christine Vlajk, viola; Bernard Blary and Shelley Younge, flute; Alec Pearson, guitar; William Street, saxophone; and Trevor Brandenburg, marimba.

Ingvar Nordin, writing about the String Quartet in his online review, says “…the second movement is fittingly slow, introspective, in a remarkably beautiful intonation and a counterpoint that is devastatingly serene and clear, bringing you – I’m not kidding! – almost to tears. This is high art… Masterly!”