Released for the centenary of the birth of Canadian violinist/composer S.C. Eckhardt-Grammaté, this new CD features solo violin works. Nandor Szederkenyi, winner of the Szigeti International Violin Competition performs partitas Nos.2 and 3 and the Concerto for Solo Violin. All three works, written in the 1920’s, are virtuosic in character amd late romantic in style. S.C.Eckhardt-Grammaté used new violinistic techniques such as imitating various instruments and unusual chordal patterns. These works are performed here for the first time on CD on the Karpatia label.

1-4. « Suite de Mallorca » (Partita III)

5-8. Suite No.2 (Partita II)

9-11. Concerto for Solo Violin

12. Caprice No. 1 « Die Kranke und die Uhr »