« Man is, as a general rule, unaware of his origins. This has been the case since time immemorial, notwithstanding the efforts of philosophers and poets throughout the ages, to find a satisfactory justification for man’s existence, and his role in the world of phenomena.

« Although man is generally oblivious to his essence and inner reality, there are nevertheless moments of lucidity and insight from time to time. It is during such moments that, through the medium of music, literature, painting and other means of creative expression, the spirit of man can break free of its incarceration in a one-dimensional world of mediocrity, and thereby penetrate a universe vibrating and exploding with energy and light » – A.A.K

1. The Invincible Red

2. I Am Under Your Power

3. No One Yet Hath Unravelled a Knot From the Skein of the Universe

4. Listen to the Reed How it Tells a Tale, Complaining of Separations

5. The Blue Sandstorm