Ellipsis is a work for female singer and tape which seeks to embody a ritual celebration of spiritual power, rooted in the ancient traditions of lunar mythology. The vocal part has no text but is composed out of an approach to the voice that attempts to express the desired emotive and dramatic quality through a wide range of sounds, accessed by the singer by creating a link between the voice and the body.

« Rising Tides of Generations Lost is one attempt to retell a small portion of the story of woman. Our collective foremothers issue forth a clear call to give voice to the rising energy centuries of common experience has created.

« Ocean of Ages Revealed uses primarily vocal music from the Balkan regions sung by Brenna MacCrimmon and Jayne Brown, specifically recorded as source material for this composition.

« Ice breaking, melting, dissolving into water. » Icebreak uses source materials from short improvisations on instruments from the Kya Madu Sari, the Javanese court-style gamelan at Simon Fraser Univeristy in Burnaby (BC). » – Wende Bartley

1. Ellipsis

2. Rising Tides of Generations

3. Ocean of Ages Revealed

4. Icebreak