« I’m not interested in musical emotion… I don’t have any interest in drama – in fact, I do everything I can to avoid it. I’m seeking a more basic level of perception, rather than taste and judgement. (I’ve done some pieces with ugly sounds. Ugly sounds can be useful too.) » …Shape, balance, reference, distance, equilibrium, symmetry, contrast, form. These are the particulars of a creative approach that reconstructs its own relationship to the traditional values of classicism, one which brings a mathematical conscience to free will, explores the transformation from conception to perception, and celebrates the dialectical tension that results. This is James Tenney’s music. – Art Lange

What the critics say:

« …the sound is excellent, and the performances committed to the nth degree…this is music of real depth and strength. It rewards with repeated encounters… » – Robert Carl, Fanfare

1. Ergodos II with Instrumental Responses

2. 3 Pages in the Shape of a Pear

3. Diaphonic Toccata

4. Chorale

5. Koan

6. Diaphonic Trio