Trilogy is an evening of musical theatre for actress-singer, electronic sounds and electronic extensions, with digital synthesizers and lighting effects.

Trilogy is an autobiographical cycle of songs evoking the composer’s youth, growing political awareness and mature reflections. The piece makes extensive use of multilingual texts – freely moving from English, to French, to Spanish, as well as invented languages.

This song cycle represents ongoing research by the composer in the area of new approaches in writing for voice and electronic media.

« D’une belle portée poétique, Trilogie fut admirablement rendue par son interprète principale. Dansant, chantant, participant avec toute la force de son talent, Meg Sheppard nous a fait parcourir cette heure de musique sans jamais donner l’impression de longueur. »
– Carol Bergeron, Le Devoir, Montréal

1. ekphonesis V

2. penetrations VII

3. ekphonesis VI