« All sounds for the compositions on this CD were recorded during my travels in India in the 1990s. They form the language with which I « speak » of a relationship, of a love, that I developed for this initially very foreign place. » – Hildegard Westerkamp

« Westerkamp creates new possibilities for listening. One can journey with her sound to inner landscapes and find unexplored openings in our sound souls. The experience of her music vibrates the potential for change. Her compositions invite interaction – a chance to awaken to one’s own creativity. One can transform through listening as she has. In the music and soundscapes of Westerkamp we feel memory and imagination as we hear through to the future. » – Pauline Oliveros

« There was more than just a hint of oracular mysticism in Westerkamp’s art. There was a magic in those sounds. It came from our sense of mingled delight and astonishment that such delicacy goes on under our very, very sophisticated noses. Fascinating and absorbing. »
– Stephen Pedersen, Chronicle-Herald, Halifax

« The always exceptional Hildegard Westerkamp paints a sonic picture of Delhi from ambient noise and shimmering synthesized notes, juxtaposing unearthly beauty with earthy reality. »
– George Zahora, Splendid E-zine

1. Gently Penetrating beneath the sounding surfaces of another place

2. Into the Labyrinth

3. Attending to Sacred Matters