1. Let’s play a statue game
  2. Nicknames
  3. Hey little bird
  4. I forgot
  5. No No No No No No No No
  6. Are we there yet?
  7. When I get mad, I beat my drum
  8. Honey on toast
  9. Couldn’t sleep last night, at the Barnball Farm
  10. What is your name?
  11. I am ready to eat spaghetti
  12. Onions make me cry
  13. Peanut butter
  14. It’s so nice to have a cuddle
  15. You and me time
  16. New little person
  17. Hug me
  18. Zigzag
  19. Bus broke down
  20. Make it a round
  21. Don’t jump on the bed please
  22. The stethoscope is cold
  23. I swallowed my tooth for lunch
  24. Eye to tummy
  25. Matthew stepped into a mud puddle
  26. Starship
  27. My wish song
  28. If snowflakes fell in flavours
  29. Dream by the water
  30. Why should we be friends?
  31. All the world’s children need love
  32. Nicknames (reprise)
  33. Let’s play a statue game … again.