On this recording, Canadian composer and guitarist William Beauvais presents the listener with an eclectic anthology of his works for guitar, both solo and with other instruments. Passionate, other worldly and intensely lyrical, Invisible Cities is a virtuosic romp through seventy minutes of captivating music. Beauvais takes us from the stately elegance of ragtime through the spirited rush of atonal moto perpetuos with the confidence of a mature and masterful performer.


William Beauvais performs Voices Beyond the City Gates from the work Invisible Cities

William Beauvais performs his work Cobblestone Stalls from Blue Tempered Guitar

This recording was made possible through the assistance of FACTOR.

1-3. Well Tempered Choros

4. Invisible Cities

5. Infinity’s Window

6. Turkish Delight

7-10. Juxtapositions

11-13. In Joplin’s Pocket


William Beauvais, Raffi Altounian, Michael Kolk, & Rob MacDonald (guitars/guitares)
George Koller (bass/contrebasse)
Alan Hetherington & Barry Prophet (percussion)