Marjan Mozetich selected the four works on this CD to represent his chamber music oeuvre of the past twenty years. Three works involve a string quartet, either alone (Lament in the Trampled Garden), or with other instruments (Angels in Flight, Hymn of Ascension). The final piece, Scales of Joy and Sorrow, is a piano trio. Though all four reflect Mozetich’s own emotional world, they have an enticing, even a questioning openness that compels us to consider them as invitations to imagine.

« This collections of works…is solidly tonal music, gorgeously interpreted by two fantastic local chamber ensembles and guests. The writing has flashes of brilliance, as Mozetich depicts the flapping of wings in a 1987 piece, Angels in Flight.
– John Terauds, Toronto Star

« Marjan Mozetich…has developed a style that can best be described as Lush. Lament in the Trampled Garden presents a beautiful cross section of chamber works spanning two decades. »
– David Olds, Wholenote Magazine

« Overall, this disc contains important works by one of Canada’s leading composers. Given the excellence of the playing, I urge anyone with an interest in Canadian or contemporary music to obtain this CD. »
– Eric Hung, CAML Review

« [His style] is personal, deeply felt, and expressive of feeling to a very high degree. It involves a rethinking of continuous variation forms from the late Renaissance to the present, and is both intellectually challenging and accessible at the same time. »
– Phil Muse, Sequenza 21

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1-3. Angels in Flight *

4. Lament in the Trampled Garden **

5. Hymn of Ascension

6-8. Scales of Joy and Sorrow

* This work was nominated for a 2010 JUNO Award: Classical Composition of the Year.
Cette oeuvre a été nominée pour un JUNO 2010: Meilleur composition classique.

** This work won the 2010 Juno Award for Classical Composition of the Year.

Cette oeuvre a gagnée pour 2010 JUNO: Meilleur composition classique.

World premiere recordings / Créations mondiales


Penderecki String Quartet
Erica Goodman (harp/harpe)
Nora Shulman (flute/flûte)
Shalom Bard (clarinet/clarinette)
Christopher Dawes (harmonium)
The Gryphon Trio