This recording is part of the Centrediscs’ Canadian Composers Portraits series which documents the emergence of a generation of pioneering professional composers who firmly established Canada’s place on the world’s musical map. Each release in this retrospective of the last fifty years is dedicated to a single composer and uniquely combines full-length documentaries on the composers’ lives and music, as well as a selection of their most important works.

« …all of the performances on the CD are exceptional »

– Jennifer Bain, CAML Review

CD 1

Beecroft documentary produced and prepared by

Eitan Cornfield/ Documentaire sur Beecroft produit

et présenté par Eitan Cornfield

CD 2

1. Improvvisazioni Concertanti No. 1

2. From Dreams of Brass

3. Collage ’76

4. Jeu ll

5. Accordion Play

6. Amplified String Quartet with Tape *

* This work was nominated for a
2004 JUNO: Best Classical Composition.

Cette oeuvre a été nominée pour un JUNO 2004: Meilleur composition classique.

View the English transcription of the documentary.

Voir la traduction française de la transcription du documentaire.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage.
Nous reconnaissons l’appui financier du ministère du Patrimoine canadien.


Toronto Symphony Orchestra; Victor Feldbrill (conductor / chef d’orchestre)
Barry Morse (speaker / narrateur); Mary Morrison (soprano); CBC Toronto Chorus & Symphony Orchestra; John Avison (conductor / chef d’orchestre)
New Music Concerts Ensemble Toronto; Robert Aitken (flute / flûte, conductor / chef d’orchestre)
Robert Aitken (flute / flûte); Rivka Golani (viola / alto); Ronald Lynch (digital processing / traitement numériques)
Joseph Petric (accordion / accordéon); Bill Brennan & George Morgan (percussion)
Accordes String Quartet: Fujiko Imajishi & Marie Berard (violins / violons); Douglas Perry (viola / alto); David Hetherington (cello / violoncelle).