This recording showcases the skill of one of Canada’s finest instrumentalists and presents important chamber works by three senior composers. Robert Cram, the driving force behind Ottawa’s Pierrot Ensemble and for many years the principle flutist of the National Arts Centre Orchestra, demonstrates not only his mastery of the flute in all its modern applications, but also his dedication to expanding the repertoire for the instrument. Each of the composers whose work he has chosen for this disc has had the distinction of representing Canada to the world at the International Rostrum of Composers, and all have enjoyed a measure of international success and recognition.

« Throughout the program, Cram’s splendid playing, and the worthy work of those who play with him, make the strongest case for the music. » – The Ottawa Citizen

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1. Aubes

2. Envol

3. …le sifflement des vents porteurs de l’amour


4. Doppelganger


5. Elegy


Robert Cran, flute/flûte and bass flute/et flûte basse
Pierre Béluse, percussion; René Gosselin, contrabass/contrebasse; David Hutchenreuther, cello/violoncelle; Charlotte Sheng, piano; Jonathan Wade, percussion; David Currie, director/directeur.