A blend of electroacoustic and acoustic music, Byzantium engages the listener in Hatzis’ unique soundworld.

‘Cultural counterpoint’ is the expression that the composer Christos Hatzis uses to describe the non-western elements in his music. And like an effective counterpoint, Hatzis uses exotic rhythms, timbre, and scales to provide an excitement and tension to the musical materials. With these interests, Hatzis continues a tradition pioneered by other Canadian composers interested in ‘world music’ themes.

« Violist Steven Dann’s performance of the Mega4 Meta4 is riveting. » – Gary Barwin, Classical Music Magazine


Christos Hatzis – 2002 New Pioneer Awards

1. The Mega4 Meta4

2. The Temptation of St. Anthony

3. Crucifix

4. Byzantium