This CD features two choral/vocal works with very dramatic arrangements, and settings of poetry drawn from the Psalms and American poet Robinson Jeffers. Both works were written for the Vancouver Chamber Choir which was hailed in 1989 as ‘Ensemble of the Year’ by the Canadian Music Council.

« Recording opportunities for such extensive and complex works are all too rare; this one was worth waiting for. »
– Pauline Durichen, Kitchener-Waterloo Record

« A beautiful disc all round, and an important addition to the VCC’s already impressive discography. Fine notes and excellent recording quality. »
– Barry Edwards, Classical Music Magazine

« These are all highly sensitive, tonal, melodic compositions that ought to be of interest to anyone who likes choral music… and are excellently accomplished performances of great depth and sensitivity. One of the most striking discs of new choral music I have heard in a long time. »
– Joseph Stevenson, Stevenson Classical Compact Disc Guide

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1-6. Harp of David


7. Night