The Bliss of Solitude (from William Wordsworth’s The Daffodils) is a selection of Canadian art songs taken from the three anthologies published by Alberta Keys Music. The songs were selected and edited by the late Phyllis Mailing to whom this recording is dedicated in honour of her tireless work in the promotion of Canadian music. A special thank you to Roberta Stephen, President of Alberta Keys Music Publishing, for her encouragement and support of this project.

1. Echo / Thomas Schudel
2. Serenade / John Beckwith
3. Quiet ; Long ago ; She walks in beauty / Jean Coulthard
4. Green rain ; The daffodils ; The lonely land / Violet Archer
5. Nocturne / Allan Gordon Bell
6. The year’s at the spring / Frederick Schipizky
7. Stars, songs, faces / Chester Duncan
8. Candle / John Oliver
9. Item, to Yacum-tecum / Barbara Pentland
10. Le chat ; L’éléphant ; L’ours / Euphrosyne Keefer
11. The owl ; Everyone sang / Clifford Crawley