The fact that the eleventh volume of the Augemus library is the first one to appear in English in no way impinges upon the publisher’s original vision. It is rather an acknowledgement of the reality of globalization in a culture where English has become one of the most important languages ​​in the world, particularly for the communication and exchange of ideas within the accordion world.

This monograph on the accordion by Joseph Petrič is a very personal work. As such, it may be viewed as an artistic meditation of the accordion art based on his decades of experience as a renowned and inclusive artist on the international concert scene. Here the author as an engaged interpreter conveys a history of the concert accordion with many new perspectives. In so doing, he gives fascinating insight into the development of the literature for his instrument, in which he himself was involved by inspiring numerous composers to write for him including works for solo accordion, chamber music, concertos with symphony orchestras and electroacoustic element.

The pedagogic-didactic impetus which runs as a common thread through the book also reflects the author’s particular respect for palimpsest and the expansion of the accordion repertoire with works from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods. Here he shares musicological knowledge with a younger generation of accordionists made available for the first time in a single source, which highlights the competencies of adaptation while opening eyes and discovering new possibilities.

Helmut C. Jacobs | Ralf Kaupenjohann