This work is created during the time when Russia invaded Ukraine, as someone who has never experienced war, I could only imagine the devastation of innocent people under the threats of senseless violence. The composition becomes my personal threnody of the War in Ukraine, through this work, I hope to capture the lives displaced and destroyed, also a poetic testament about powerful human spirits of resilience.
The melodic details of the work are largely inspired by a number of old Ukrainian folk songs, these old tunes are reinvented with new harmonies, embellished with dramatic rhythmic energy and coloristic piano writing. This single movement work in the duo piano formation of one piano four hands covers a wide range of dynamic and expressions to evoke deep emotions, a polyphonic soundscape to tell the story of the tragic plight of refugees.

This work for one piano 4 hands is one of the two tone poems commissioned by Vancouver’s Muzewest Concerts Society, written especially for the Vieness Piano Duo through the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.