This short work is a quodlibet of sorts*, and quotes several well-known (at least in Texas) songs. (It might also be considered in some respects a « pastiche. ») It was written as a surprise tribute to Dr. Hector Aguero, Jr. and the Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra, an amateur orchestra in the southwest-Houston metro area. I worked with them (and also the Brazosport Symphony Orchestra, another amateur orchestra in the southeast Houston metro area) as composer-in-residence. My collaboration with Hector and the FBSO was definitely a highlight of my career, and also for my wife Annette, who donated her services as a pianist to the FBSO on occasion. We were and are firm believers in and supporters of the community orchestra concept; This work of 2011 was my way of saying « thank you » on behalf of both of us for the honour and pleasure of working with this very committed community orchestra and its fine conductor.

Monte Keene Pishny-Floyd