« This album is broken up into two sections of seven pieces each. The first seven section were arranged with samples taken from old analog beat boxes and portasound organs, as well as field recordings from both interior and exterior sources. Some have been heavily reprocessed and arranged to produce rhythmic effects, although not necessarily of a percussive nature. The second section of seven pieces was composed using graintable and subtractive synthesis, and is primarily concerned with the interaction between cut up melodic samples and longer melodic or harmonic passages. »
– Phil Ogison

1. Dinner plates for 7 million

2. The wandering demons

3. Don’t follow, just let it go away

4. It repeats its’ name, over and over

5. Just another head god

6. And another layer drops

7. Between breath and neutral

8. Conjoined in Lava Flow

9. Eminating from never was

10. The drive will take « kyas »

11. Cotton NIrvana

12. A small voice emanates from a crack in the floor

13. The ceiling disappears in cloud

14. An Elemental in Nirvana