Beyond the Erupting Skies
Silver Angels Sing Among the Gold Stars
Alice Ping Yee Ho, composer
Teresa Suen-Campbell, harp
The title of this work is inspired by the legacy and tragic disappearance of aviatrix Amelia Earhart – the first woman aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic.

Conceived as an eleven-minute single movement composition for solo harp with electronics, this work evokes an aviatrix’s last but most fantastic journey: traversing the boundless sky with haunting landscapes below where fear, loneliness, peace, and beauty intermingle into an ultimate place of depth with enormous reverberations.

The choice of solo harp is a symbolic representation of a female voice, used in a colouristic and dramatic manner to depict Earhart’s journey.

The electronic accompaniment is a combination of multiple layers of engineering and synthesized acoustic sounds, a polyphonic lave at time textural, at times rhythmic, foreshadowing and enhancing the scenario and emotions of the character.