This piece is part of a suite written for a special, ‘long-table’ dinner at the House of Boateng in Langford, British Columbia, just outside of Victoria. Chef Castro Boateng created a dish, to be served after the six main pieces in the suite were performed, each dish inspired by and using ingredients from the same location as the piece. The following description set the scene for the audience.

« You follow the path going up, zigzagging as you go, stepping from rock to rock, choosing carefully where to step. As you reach the top everything opens up. You find the grassy meadow, dotted with Garry Oaks, their grey gnarled limbs reaching to the sky. A gentle breeze rustles through the dry grasses. In spring the purple camas, and other delicate flowers give colour to the meadow. As you turn to go, the view from there catches your eye, sometimes over the city, sometimes over the strait, and you pause for just a few minutes more. »