This piece is part of a suite that was written for a special, ‘long-table’ dinner at the House of Boateng in Langford, British Columbia, just outside of Victoria. Chef Castro Boateng created a dish, to be served after the six main pieces in the suite were performed, each dish inspired by and using ingredients from the same location as the piece. The following notes set the scene for the audience.

« They start small, little more than a trickle, and grow on their journey to the sea. Sometimes through forests and parks, sometimes through neighbourhoods and even under the street. The water flows, eddies around itself, tumbles over rocks, dances in the sunlight and meanders through grassy banks. You find a spot where the stream widens, and the water slows, so you take a few minutes to relax and enjoy. Then follow its’ path, as it makes its way to the Salish Sea. »