This is part of a suite, written for a special, ‘long-table’ dinner at the House of Boateng in Langford, British Columbia, just outside of Victoria. Chef Castro Boateng created a dish, to be served after the six main pieces in the suite were performed, each dish inspired by and using ingredients from the same location as the piece. The following notes set the scene.

« Sometimes you walk down that narrow path, set close between houses, easily missed if you’re not looking for it. Here you find yourself on a small shingle beach with no one else about. Sometimes you take a wider, well-trodden path, filled with families, friends, young and old. Here you find yourself on a glorious stretch of sand, washed by waves, visited by seagulls and sandpipers. Kids are playing, dogs are frolicking, people laughing, maybe there’s music playing from an old, beat-up CD player that someone has brought along. The perfect place on a sunny summer day. But listen closely, because this is also a beautiful, place on a stormy, wintry afternoon. »