Commissioned by Ron Royer for the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Players’ 2023/24 concert season Maria Molinari’s ‘Fantasia for Clarinet and String Trio’ will be released on the Akashic Classic label in 2024. A single movement work, the fantasia is lyrical and tuneful, characteristic of the expressive musical style for which the composer is known. The melancholic modal opening featuring the string trio prepares for the entry of the clarinet on a wistful waltz melody. The bitter-sweet opening gives way to a spritely, rhythmic accompaniment supporting the clarinet and violin as they engage in a lyrical exchange until they are interrupted by the cello initiating a gentle imitative thematic passage evocative of folk music. The return of the energetic middle section combines melodies in a lively exchange until it is once again interrupted by a reprise of the gentle imitative folk theme bringing the piece to its reflective conclusion.