Through the pandemic years of isolation, war in Ukraine, and the suffering of many through sickness, the desire to create music for peace and comfort was foremost to me. Many ideas came through contemplation during the dark hours of the morning, and the brain work of sleepless nights. Shadows, dreams and sunrise.

The piece begins with a solitary melodic theme to invoke serenity and comfort. Entries by the other instruments should begin discreetly and eventually balance to become the harmonic accompaniment to the theme.

At rehearsal D, the cello begins one voice from the first phrase of a 3-part, 14th-century motet entitled Amour je doi servir (Anon), followed by the development of all voices into livelier variations.

The opening theme returns at rehearsal G in the first violin with accompaniment in the cello that builds to rehearsal H where there is an option for improvised solos over the chordal base given, if the players (violins and viola) are so inclined. The written solos should be played somewhat marcato and can exercise freedom in rhythm with a quasi “jazz” feel.

Rehearsal I brings back the opening pastoral theme in the cello with a viola countermelody. This concludes the piece