This composition concludes my series of pieces that were initially–and now, very loosely–inspired by Toronto-based illustrator James Turner’s Map of Humanity: an imaginary world populated by place names found throughout our combined global stories. Fool’s Paradise is an island continent to the extreme east (Flatland, Kingdom of the One-Eyes, and the Land of Babel dwell here, for example). Over the past ten years, I’ve composed concerti traversing this entire orb. I’ve reached the book’s end, so to speak, yet I don’t know whether I found where the sun sets or rises.

Birds and their musicking are often represented by flutes, and I’ve taken this trope to heart. Each movement develops two contrasting themes, evoking the journey of two birds–first their union into a mating bond, building their nest, then suffering a catastrophe and forced exodus to parts unknown. I don’t quote any species-specific birdsongs; I envision a more fairy-tale, fabulous lyricism.

I intend to orchestrate the piano part should the opportunity arise. For now, I hope this piece brings some escapist pleasure to the flautist and accompanist who give it a go!