1. One of the attractions of the Bridal Falls are the many hiking trails. Imagine a family in A Walk Along the Path, joyfully discovering the array of plants, birds, squirrels, briefly pausing to get a stone out of a shoe before reaching their destination.

2. Morning Rain starts with the raindrops portrayed by the harp with the flute and bassoon weaving a melody around it.

3. The soft swirls of the harp depict the Mist Over the Falls while the flute and bassoon flow like the dappling of the sun shining through the trees swaying in the breeze. As the sun comes up, the dancing of the shadows and sparkles from the mist increase creating a shimmering fairyland above the falls.

4. Here we have spiky, clumsy, Porcupines, waddling cheerfully through the forest surrounding the Bridal Veil Falls. With his armour of quills, he’s pretty well protected against predators and since his diet consists of the plants growing in the area, he has no problem feeding himself so he tends to be a carefree creature.

5. The movement, Kawawong River, starts with the peaceful flow of the river above the Bridal Veil falls. You hear the occasional bird call from the surrounding forrest, but when you go over the falls, the river becomes fast flowing and churning until it reaches the bay where it is calm again.