The first version of “Resurrected Angel” was written many years ago paying tribute to Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital when my infant daughter recovered there from Kawasaki disease. “Resurrection Angel II” is a new single movement composition revived from the spirit of the first version, and it reflects my personal interpretation of “Resurrection”: a journey to triumph darkness and attain hope. Inspired by the present global pandemic situation, “Resurrected Angel II” salutes many brave souls and their fight to protect life and humanity. The dramatic aspect of the work is built on complex harmonic terrace of string divisi, showcasing the virtuosity of solo and ensemble playing, and capturing tempestuous energy through contrasting moods, dynamic, and rhythmic approaches. There is a « social distancing » staging between violin sections 1 and 2, which are placed at opposite ends for stereophonic effects. The solo violin symbolic of the « Calling out” of the « brave voice », with the « divine separation » setup of the lower strings that represents forces of nature.