This piece was written during the pandemic of 2020/21. A time when solo pieces suddenly
became much more popular as public health restrictions prevented musicians from playing

As a way of coping with the situation, I decide to learn, in some cases, re-learn, all of
Telemann’s 12 Fantasias for Solo Flute. The question was which would come first, my getting
through all 12, or getting the vaccine. (as I write this, it’s running neck and neck). Telemann’s
Fanatasias have three short movements, each with its own character, sometimes gorgeous,
sometimes brilliant, sometimes energetic. It seems as if he was free from some of the formulas
and rules of the time and could approach each section, and each Fantasy in a unique way. As I
played them, I thought to myself that ‘we don’t write Fantasies anymore’. So, I decided that I
would try.

Fantasy number 1 is for alto flute and number two is for English Horn. This Fantasy, for viola, is
in three distinct movements, with the last one being quite short, using some material found in the
first section. Like Telemann’s Fantasias, the three sections are quite different in character. The
first is meditative, almost hypnotic, the second is rhythmic and playful, while the last is sonorous
and beautiful.