Glass Houses
Revised and edited by Christina Petrowska Quilico

From the introduction for the 2010 edition:

« Ann Southam was a close friend and musical collaborator for almost 30 years. I began performing her music in 1981, and have recorded a number of her major works for piano – with three sets on Centrediscs alone: a 3-CD set of Rivers in the Canadian Composer Portrait Series; a 2-CD set of Pond Life, which included pieces she wrote for me; and now Glass Houses Revisited. As well, I included individual works by her on Northern Sirens (York Fine Arts), Ings (Welspringe) Virtuoso Piano Music of Our Own Time (JLH Lasersound), and Mystic Streams (Welspringe).

« Southam composed Glass Houses in 1981, and revised them for me in 2009. With Ann’s support and encouragement, I revised and edited them in 2010. We chose the new title Glass Houses Revisited for the recording and I was able to play them for her a few days before her death. She loved all my changes and wanted me to be added as “co-creator” in these notes. I was touched by her trust in me but I agreed to be credited with only editing and revising. Her exquisite and luminous creations are her very own. She was working on program notes for the pieces and in one of her last emails to me on November 15th, 2010 she wrote: “It was wonderful to see you yesterday and I’m still blown away by the way you play Glass Houses. They’re your pieces, for sure!!! Many thanks and lots of love, Ann”.  »

— Christina Petrowska Quilico